Back pain in young people rising, say experts

Hayley Raper suffers with back pain

Health experts say our sedentary lifestyles are leading to an increasing number of young people suffering with back pain.

Research by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) found almost half of 16-24s are living with neck/back pain.

Last year’s figures show that 28% of 18 to 24-year-olds suffered with back pain.

Hayley Raper, a TV producer from Leeds, tells Newsbeat back pain has had a huge effect on her life.

“If I’m out on location, the pain can be quite severe,” she says. “I’m stood up for long periods of time, I have quite a throbbing pain down my back.

“If I’m in the office, I’m having to get up and moving around quite a lot.”

The rise in back problems in young people is being blamed on the fact that we sit at our desks for longer and are doing less exercise.

The BCA claims that on average, people spend 10 hours sitting and fewer than two hours being active.

It says that each day we spend 1.8 hours on our phones and tablets, 3.7 hours on our laptops and computers and 1.4 hours gaming.

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